Maja Ruznic. Personal portraits

The following paintings are records of people and events that have left an impact on her, Maja Ruznic. The works observe moments of human frailty that are fictionalized in a mix of memory and imagination. Water based mediums such as ink, watercolor and gouache allows her to explore relationships and notions of intimacy and connectedness. She is drawn to the unpredictable nature of these mediums as well as their possibility for chance.

Relying on the memory of an experience, Maja Ruznic paints what she remember but also what she do not know. Sometimes Maja is drawn to someone’s hands, to one’s rhythm of speech or to one’s constant checking of their cell phone. This interest usually serves as an incentive to begin a painting. In the process, the capricious nature of memory distorts the truth and the painting becomes something else — something in between the actual experience and her recollection of it. The contemplation of the person or the event - through the act of painting- is what is most important. Intrigued by the pyscho-physical relationship between those she meet and herself, Maja try to paint the silent, intangible space between us.

It is a pleasure to see Maja Ruznic painting one of her personal portraits of his latest collection of illustrations, Messengers (2012). Pure visual insipiration. And finally, I would like to say you that visit her website where she collect all her work and you will remember her name because Maja is revolutionizing the illustration world.